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Experience Rapps

Rapp's Barren really has two histories, that of the brewery and that of "My Sweet Mountain Home", originally called Rapp's Barren. Legend has it that Henry Rapp first settled in this area of the Ozarks in the early 1800's naming it Rapp's Barren. Through time it became known for its sweet breeze on hot, humid days and the phrase "My Sweet Mountain Home" was born and eventually voted as an official name of Mountain Home. 

Rapp's Barren the brewery was formed after Russell and Chris began home brewing beer together in their garages, entered some competitions for some critique on their creations and after some very positive feedback and local awards, the itch started to try something new. One thing led to another and before they knew it they had signed a lease on their first home away from home which is an entire story in itself! We officially opened our doors on September 15th, 2017 to incredible support and positive feedback, leading us to decide not only did we want to stay for long term but this hobby turned business could be supported as well. This officially started the search to find a full time brewer and permanent home. 

Kyle was a gigantic support from the beginning and immediately connected with Chris and Russell in helping brew, answer technical questions and pitch in new ideas. He came on staff soon after to help part time which quickly led to not only a full time brewer but business partner as well. 

During this time the square in downtown Mountain Home was priming to burst alive and we knew we'd love to be there, but no opportunity was coming up that met our vision for growth and sustainability so we kept looking and dreaming patiently. In true Rapp's fashion, the Baker Building fell into our laps and met virtually every checkbox on our list so we jumped at it. From there it just made sense to expand to food service and provide quality food with our delicious brews, not to mention renovating this old story of a building into a new story, hopefully for generations of our family and friends to enjoy!

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